About Us

Garnier Angus is a family run cattle operation near Marwayne, AB. We have been developing our Black Angus Cattle Herd for over ten years now.  Our herd has really come together to be a strong set of cattle we are extremely proud of.  This is a product of the miles travelled tracking down the best genetics, seeking out females who are at the top of the industry and using their progeny.  One of our strongest beliefs is that top quality bulls are a result of the line of powerhouse females before them.

Currently we have 180 purebred black angus cows and growing. We have sold bulls since 2008 and sold only a limited number of females. Our females have been bred for quality feet, excellent udders and strong maternal instinct. The Black Angus bulls demonstrate big volume, are easy fleshing, functional and will add pounds to your calves.

We also run 150 commercial Angus based cattle who are raised right along with our purebreds in our rotational grazing program. Through the winter we primarily utilize grass & grazing corn as well as a corn silage ration to take us to our calving season which begins in April.

Our cows are easy calving – we do very little checking at night and rarely help our mothers with their calves.

A little about our family:

Our oldest daughter, Yolanda and her husband James live in Marwayne - keeping pretty close to the farm!  Yolanda works as the Assistant Manager at Parrish & Heimbecker in town and James works as a private Agronomist as well as selling hail insurance. They both are out often helping on the farm.  The website and photos are credit to Yolanda who really enjoys showcasing the cattle and helping Gus sort through the herd and in picking bulls to match with their cows.

Megan, our second daughter, is a Registered Nurse working in both Vermilion and Lloydminster hospitals.  She is extremely passionate and gets a lot of fulfillment from helping her patients.  Her husband Cody works as a Service Rig Manager out of Lloydminster.  They recently welcomed a new baby boy to the family, Sully Gus Steiner.  Big brothers Easton & Cash are growing quickly and always a joy to see. When Megan and Cody are able they help out processing cattle, branding and sorting.  

Next in line, Anthony, our oldest boy.  Anthony has a real passion for farming and currently owns and runs his own company, Garnier Custom Silaging.  You can find him busy helping with calving season, then custom seeding corn in the spring which then rolls into the silage operations.  He covers a large amount of silage acres including haylage, cereal and corn silage.  Give him a call for all your custom corn and silage needs - 639-840-1369

Our youngest, Devon, works for Riverhill Enterprises as a welder, with one heck of a work ethic he keeps fairly busy with the company.  When he's not working, he's at the farm busy helping with fences, chores, processing, sorting and whatever else Gus has on the go that day.