Severtson G-Man 100D

A bull we purchased from Severtson Land & Cattle at their 2017 bull sale and we were not disappointed.  He sired easy fleshing, thick calves for us with very moderate birth weights.  He himself had a 74 lb weight at birth.  He averaged 84 lbs for the bull calves and 81 lbs for heifer calves.  

Musgrave Big Sky

Musgrave Big Sky was the lead off and $145,000 high selling bull of the 2014 Musgrave Angus sale. Big Sky is one of the most impressive bull in the Nation and a true outlier within the Angus breed. He is an all out performance, maternal, and carcass sire. Big Sky is what the cattle industry is striving for and will leave lasting impressions. This powerful sire is extremely heavy muscled, good footed, clean made and sound; not to mention his unmatched phenotype and eye-appeal. His famous dam stems from the Primrose cow family that produced N Bar Emulation EXT. She is a world class female that has superior udder quality and fleshing ability. 


O'Neills Black Bardolier



In 2015 we purchased a share in the semen rights of O'Neill's Black Bardolier.  On a trip down to Denver we saw this bull in the flesh which finalized our decision to invest.  Following this trip we headed to Iowa to check in on him as a yearling, and continued to be happy with him at this time.  Black Bardolier sons will help to add length to your cattle.  With a birth weight of 76 lbs, a 205 day of 982 llbs and yearling of 1700 lbs there is no lack of performance in him!  

To view his sire and dam check out the link here:   (scroll down a bit to find Black Bardolier)

Garnier Big Sky 299D

Garnier Big Sky 280D

Garnier Big Sky 280D